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The Guardians of Thrace Project-Interreg IPA Bulgaria - Turkey


Green school

On December 15, 16 and 17 the last activity of the project was carried out - Activity 7 "Green School - Ooudoor School". Due to the increased number of registered cases of Covid-19 and the imposed anti-epidemic measures, the implementation of the activity in the manner described in the application form was impossible. The three partners discussed the possibilities and we submitted a request for a change in the implementation of the activity, which change was confirmed by the Joint Secretariat.
Initially, the actual live performance and travel of the Bulgarian participants was set, but in the current situation, the only option for conducting it was to carry out the activity online. The Bulgarian partners - LP and PP3 again conducted the activity together, while PP2 conducted the activity with the Turkish participants from the target group. Each day there was a joint involvement of the three partners and the participants had the opportunity to contact each other.
On the morning of the first day of the activity - December 15, everyone joined in the virtual classroom of Google and the participants were introduced to the activity by days. During the lunch break all participants came to the yard of P. Slaveykov Primary School and Nov Pat 2011 Community Center in Dobrich, where they received the purchased materials for the activity - a set of bird houses for assembling with seeds and Encyclopedia of Nature . The encyclopedia is an excellent learning tool for acquiring knowledge in the field of environment. Participants also received lunch and a coffee break for December 15. Then their lecture for the day on Natural Resources continued. The children were introduced to the types of natural resources - renewable and non-renewable. They were introduced to the main steps in environmental protection - reduce consumption, recycle and reuse.
The second day - December 16, was dedicated to the protected area Zlato Pole, which is located near Dimitrovgrad. According to the program, we had to visit the area and get acquainted on the spot with its importance and function for environmental protection. With many photos and fascinating stories about the area, Bogdan Boev managed to attract the interest of the participants. The Turkish group entered the classroom and had a discussion with them about the birds and their conservation.
On the third day - December 17, the participants made houses for birds, and the lecturer of the activity introduced them to the birds in the area, how to help them and protect them. Very useful information was provided to young nature lovers about the diversity of birds, ways to protect them, feeding, making feeders. Birds are an indicator of clean air, and it is important to help them during the cold winter months. At the end of the day, there was another joint meeting with the Turkish group. Today's conversation with them was the end of the project activities. Together we watched a presentation about the activities carried out under the project, discussed their implementation, expressed regret for the failed meetings between the participants. We promised ourselves that we would see each other again after the situation normalized.

Republic of TurkeyOU "Shehsvarbey"
European UnionThe project was implemented with European Union financial support
Republic of BulgariaNF "New Road 2011"
PS "Pencho Slaveikov"
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