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The Guardians of Thrace Project-Interreg IPA Bulgaria - Turkey

The project

Led by the belief that this Earth is not ours - we have borrowed it from our children, we, the Thracian adults, are obliged to leave them a well-maintained and clean Earth. We are the people who need to nurture and cherish the love and care of nature and the environment. All people share common environmental protection needs, goals and objectives. Responsibility for the fate of nature is what we need to educate them, and childhood is the most appropriate starting point for sustainable environmental responsibility. The citizen's environmental commitment begins at an early age and the most important habits and lifestyles are formed when young people are open to acquiring new knowledge and forming their worldview. As heirs to the well-known area of ​​natural beauty and history - Thrace, it is important for young people on both sides of the border to actively participate in environmental activities in the region. They need to be trained in basic aspects of ecology, to be aware of the current ecological status in the region in which they live.

Modern generations are growing up with the idea that everything can be replaced, the sources are inexhaustible, and it is good to have many things. These ideas are not usually related to nature, but when children are confronted with the cycle of natural creation, they realize the importance of protecting, saving and restoring the environment. The benefits of the project will increase the environmental culture and behavior of the project participants, their families, teachers and students in the respective schools, the local community. With the materials purchased and created under the project, this e-learning will continue to be passed on to the next students and thus the eco-cycle will happen again and again in the partner organizations. Ultimately, nature in the cross-border region will benefit most from the project activities.

Environmental protection is a very important problem facing today's society. Nowadays, in the conditions of the rapidly developing scientific and technological progress, man is becoming more and more involved in natural processes. Therefore, environmental protection is becoming one of the most important and topical problems of modern society. Nowadays, in the face of global pollution of the planet and increased consumption of natural resources, this pollution has a major impact on human health and life. That is why it is very important to combat this problem and it must become a global social problem.
In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to pay special attention to the environmental education and education of children from primary school age. In this way the students will develop a favorable and responsible attitude towards nature and intolerance to various manifestations of dangerous environmental damage.
Environmental education is a long-term process aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues, absorbing knowledge, forming attitudes, values ​​and a sense of responsibility for the rational use of natural resources, as well as encouraging action on nature conservation and sustainable development. To be effective, it must rely on an interdisciplinary approach, start as early as possible and be supported not only by school programs but also by extracurricular and extracurricular activities, community and family events. In this way, in the minds of the students will be formed an idea of ​​the integrity of nature and at the same time its diversity.

Ecological education and education of children and adolescents is directly related to the understanding and concern of adolescents for the future of the planet, the development of modern thinking and behavior - adequate to changes in climatic conditions, lifestyles, respect and care for nature.
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