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The Guardians of Thrace Project-Interreg IPA Bulgaria - Turkey



On November 21, 2019, at 14:00, the official press conference for the opening of the project activities under the project took place. The date and time of the meeting were agreed with the partner organizations at the partnership meeting held on November 13. Representatives of the media in the region, representatives of the partner organizations, local authorities were invited to attend the meeting. 30 students from the partner organizations from Bulgaria also took an active part in the press conference. They sent their applications for participation in the press conference within the specified period and listened carefully to the presentation of the project activities.

The main goal of the press conference was to present the Program, the project and the project partners to the public. At the beginning of the press conference the Program, its main goals, territorial scope and priority axes were presented. The project manager Mr. Stefan Dimitrov in his greeting to those present gave an answer to the question what is the main goal of this project. He also stressed the importance of future guardians of the planet - children, to know what are the natural resources of our common region and ways to protect them, and this is the main goal of the project, which we will implement with our partners. This was followed by speeches from the partner organizations: Ms. Stefka Ivanova - Chair of the Community Center "New Road 2011" Dobrich expressed confidence that after the implementation of project activities young people involved in the project will acquire sustainable green habits, which will spread among his family and peers. Mr. Ali Chomlek - Director of Shehsuvarbey Primary School in Uzunkopryu expressed his joy that his school has the opportunity to be a partner in this project and hopes that the project activities will be successfully implemented, ensuring publicity of activities and encouraging other schools as well. to be involved in the implementation of this type of projects. Ms. Snezhana Angelova - Director of Pencho Slaveykov Primary School, Dimitrovgrad spoke about education, innovation and opportunities offered by such a cross-border partnership. In addition to the realization of the goals set in the project, related to environmental protection activities, the participants will have the chance to expand their worldview through intercultural communication with students from the partner organization. They will gain experience in communicating in a foreign language, will get to know a foreign culture and religion.

This was followed by a detailed presentation of the activities to be implemented under the project in the next 15 months. The young people were acquainted with the planned events aimed at achieving the set goals, namely: training in ecology, field work with laboratory kits, comparison of collected and tested samples of water, air and soil from the two regions, holding a round table on the benefits of recycling, introduction of a system for separate waste collection at the Turkish partner, awareness of the role of protected areas in the conservation of endangered species, composting of biological waste, planting and caring for trees and flowers, conservation of nature and natural resources by acquiring basic habits for reusing products, reducing consumption and recycling, and creating Eco Clubs in schools. The activities are tailored to the age of our target group and are fully feasible by them.

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Republic of TurkeyOU "Shehsvarbey"
European UnionThe project was implemented with European Union financial support
Republic of BulgariaNF "New Road 2011"
PS "Pencho Slaveikov"
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