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The Guardians of Thrace Project-Interreg IPA Bulgaria - Turkey


How to become an ecologist

On January 31, February 1 and 2, 2020 an Ecology training for Bulgarian participants was held. A total of 30 participants - 15 from each of the two partner organizations, Community center Nov pat 2011 and Pencho Slaveikov Secondary School, participated in the training. The lecturer was Prof. Dr. Alexi Alexiev from the Agricultural University of Plovdiv. During the first day of training, students were introduced to the basics of ecology and major environmental issues. The afternoon was devoted to air pollution - forms and major sources and opportunities for limiting air pollution. On the second day, they were acquainted with soil and water pollution and the possibilities of limiting pollution. The students worked in groups, solving cases, using interactive teaching methods. The third day was an outdoor practice. The participants, along with their teachers, went to collect soil and water samples at Maritza Park. After collecting the necessary samples, they undertook the task of examining them. The participants determined the pH of the soil and water using laboratory kits. After the successful completion of the training, the participants received their deserved certificates "Young Ecologist of Thrace".

Republic of TurkeyOU "Shehsvarbey"
European UnionThe project was implemented with European Union financial support
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