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The Guardians of Thrace Project-Interreg IPA Bulgaria - Turkey


Every day is an Earth day

On November 4, 5 and 6, 2020, the activity "Every day is an Earth day" was held with the participation of 30 children from the partner organizations of the project - Community Center "Nov pat 2011" Dobrich and "Pencho Slaveykov" Secondary school  Dimitrovgrad. The main goal of the activity is to encourage the participants to honor and protect the Earth not only on the designated days, but to take care of it every day. Promoting the ecological self-awareness of adolescents is the basis of the project activities.
The Turkish project partner Shehsuvarbey Primary School, Uzunkopryu, Turkey, carried out the activities in parallel with its Bulgarian partners. Due to the complicated situation and the inability of the students to travel, the participants communicated through an online connection. So they managed to share the moments of the project together.
The first day of the activity was a day of painting. The children created drawings under the motto "Love your mother - the Earth". Posters will be made with the works, which will be placed in prominent places in the school. On the second day, the specialist Delcho Delchev gave a lecture in which the participants in the project got acquainted with the concept of "compost", the activity "composting" and a composting facility placed in the primary school "P. Slaveykov". The children took part in activities to collect suitable compost material, and the initiative ended with the design of a huge Earth Day sign in the school yard, filmed with the help of a drone. The participants then took on the role of gardeners, planting flower pots. They will continue to take care of their flower garden and will enjoy the "colors" of their care.
On the third day, the participants were introduced to the importance of the Protected Areas in Bulgaria, and in particular the Zlato Pole Protected Area, which is the largest wetland with a natural character along the Maritsa River.
Educating children and young people in caring for the environment and creating ecological habits is an important aspect of their growth. If these habits are acquired now, they will continue to develop over time and children will grow up as people who care for nature.

Republic of TurkeyOU "Shehsvarbey"
European UnionThe project was implemented with European Union financial support
Republic of BulgariaNF "New Road 2011"
PS "Pencho Slaveikov"
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